What is ARES®?

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. 

ARES® Volunteer Requirements

Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization is eligible to apply for membership in ARES.  Training may be required or desired to participate fully in ARES.  Please inquire at the local level for specific information.  Because ARES is an Amateur Radio program, only licensed radio amateurs are eligible for membership. The possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, but is not a requirement for membership.

How to get involved in ARES®?

Complete the ARES® Registration form by clicking here.


Intereseted in being an ARES® leader? Find the volunteer descriptions for EC, DEC and OES at the ARRL webpage, just follow the links below!

ARRL Indiana Section Emergency Coordinator

ARES® EC Reports are Due by the 3rd of the month, DEC and OES Reports are Due by the 5th of the Month. Please File Your Report by Selecting the Link Below.

 Indiana Section ARES® Monthly Report Form



Indiana Section ARES® Nets

The Indiana Section ARES® HF net is held on 3.900 MHz every Sunday at 5:00 PM EST. The Net Script and Log can be found via the Links Below.

Net Manager: Mark Thienes KC9TYA  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Indiana ARES® HF Digital Net is held every Wednesday at 8:30 PM Eastern Time except the second Wednesday of the month on or about 3.583 MHz using Olivia 8/500.

Net Manager: Matthew Becdol, W9SOX



Indiana Section ARES® Leaders


Name Callsign Title Jurisdiction District
Jim Moehring
KB9WWM SEC Indiana
Open ASEC Indiana
Open ASEC Indiana 
Joseph Cirone
W1SPY DEC District 1 1
Lyle Long N1LL DEC District 2 2
Jim Moehring KB9WWM DEC District 3 3
Open DEC District 4 4
Anthony Stokes N9UN DEC District 5 5
Marv Gilliland KC9RVL DEC District 6
David Ofsansky K9DWO DEC District 7

Gary Adams



District 7


Alan Scott
N9KL DEC District 8 8
Open DEC District 9 9
Open DEC  District 10  10 
OPEN EC Adams County 3
Jim Moehring KB9WWM EC Allen County 3
Jeff Jones K9JAJ EC Bartholomew County 8
OPEN EC Benton County 4
OPEN EC Blackford County 6
Mike Wamsley KC9UWR EC Boone County 5
Scott Nelson W9DBA EC Brown County 8
OPEN EC Carroll County 4
Dan McDonald KV9N EC Cass County 4
Wes Temple
KB9OIC EC Clark County 9
Gary Adams
W9EEU EC Clay County 7
OPEN EC Clinton County 4
EC Crawford County 10
Bruce Stewart K1JNX EC Daviess County 10
Gabe Creech


EC De Kalb County 3
Paul Goslin K9PLG EC Dearborn County 9
Paul Hornberger
N9JFH EC Decatur County 9
Marv Gilliland
KC9RVL EC Delaware County 6
OPEN EC Dubois County 10
OPEN EC Elkhart County 2
OPEN EC Fayette County 6
OPEN EC Floyd County 9
OPEN EC Fountain County 4
OPEN EC Franklin County 9
OPEN EC Fulton County 2
OPEN EC Gibson County 10
Ed Brown Jr N9GTL EC Grant County 6


EC Greene County 7
Michael Alley W9MSK EC Hamilton County 5
George Boaz
KD9GHS EC Hancock County 5
Clark Whitehouse N9CWW EC Harrison County 9
Don Somerville
KD9DHJ EC Hendricks County 5
Jeff Davis
K4BXX EC Henry County 6
Justin Johnson N9JIN EC Howard County 6
OPEN EC Huntington County 3
OPEN EC Jackson County 8
  EC Jasper County 1
Adrian Daniels WA9DAN EC Jay County 6
OPEN EC Jefferson County 9
OPEN   EC Jennings County 9
Robert LaGrange N9SIU EC Johnson County 5
OPEN EC Knox County 10
Mark Gregory AB9ZA EC Kosciusko County 2
OPEN EC LaGrange County 3
Joseph Cirone
W1SPY EC Lake County 1
Danny Foster KC9GFO EC LaPorte County 1
OPEN EC Lawrence County 8
Fredrick Sherman
W9GNR EC Madison County 6
Matthew Bechdol W9SOX EC Marion County 5
OPEN   EC Marshall County 2
OPEN EC Martin County 10
Bill McAlpin WD9GIU EC Miami County 3

Andrew Ragusa

Tom Myers Asst.



EC Monroe County 8
Anthony Hedge
N9ZTB EC Montgomery County 4
Brian Elliott N9JPX EC Morgan County 5
EC Newton County 1
OPEN EC Noble County 3
OPEN EC Ohio County 9
OPEN   EC Orange County 8
James Baughn K9EOH EC Owen County 7
Sutton Doty AD0TY EC Parke County 7
OPEN EC Perry County 10
OPEN EC Pike County 10
OPEN EC Porter County 1
OPEN EC Posey County 10
OPEN EC Pulaski County 2
George Edenfield KB9RZK EC Putnam County 7
David Epley N9CZV EC Randolph County 6
OPEN EC Ripley County 9
OPEN EC Rush County 6
OPEN EC Saint Joseph County 2
Steve Jewell WR9G EC Scott County 9
OPEN EC Shelby County 5
Peter Crasher W9DRB EC Spencer County 10
David Metz III KC8OBH EC Starke County 2
Mark Tritch KC9GUY EC Steuben County 3
OPEN EC Sullivan County 7
OPEN EC Switzerland County 9

Robert Sambolin

KP4CI EC Tippecanoe County 4
David Copp W9DAC EC Tipton County 6
OPEN EC Union County 6
Len Schmitt
N9QVQ EC Vanderburgh County 10
Chuck Procarione W9COD EC Vermillion County 7
David Ofsansky K9DWO EC Vigo County 7
OPEN EC Wabash County 3
OPEN EC Warren County 4
Rick Williams KT9B EC Warrick County 10
OPEN EC Washington County 8
James M Laboyteaux
KB9ML EC Wayne County 6
Rick Velasquez AB9HP EC Wells County 3
OPEN EC White County 4
Edward Scott  K9EJS EC Whitley County 3
Jay Farlow W9LW OES Allen County 3
Jerry Fray N9TU OES Fayette Couty 6
Norm Dingle  W9IFW OES Hancock County 5
David McKim W9WXN OES Harrison County 9
Lyle Long  N1LL OES Kosciusko County 2
Jimmy Merry KC9RPX OES Monroe County 8

Vernon Austermiller



Morgan County

Raymond Dalgliesh KC9IHZ OES Saint Joseph County 2
Mark Thienes KC9TYA OES Vanderburgh County  10
Ray Andrews K9DUR OES Vigo County 7
Don Evilsizor KA9QWC OES Whitely County 3



 Indiana Section Districts

State Districts






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